“Kathryn Lewek is no stranger to French audiences, having recently played a memorable Queen of the Night at the Aix-en-Provence Festival (a role she will soon reprise at the Metropolitan Opera). Her technical perfection (precision of the coloratura, assurance of the high notes, mastery of the tessitura over its entire range) as well as her sensitivity (cantabile of “Regnava il silenzio” or of “Alfin son tua”) or her dramatic sense (her scene of madness is far from being reduced to a simple lesson of “beautiful singing” but really impresses by its dramatic commitment) earns the singer a triumph. The voice being particularly wide and of equal projection over the whole range, theatre directors would be well advised to offer her the Donizetti queens, where she would undoubtedly be extremely convincing – and for which the incumbents are today not legio”

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