April 20, 2024

Houston, TX

United States

Soprano in Matthew Aucoin and Peter Sellars' "Music for New Bodies" (World Premiere)


May 16 - May 26 2024

Cleveland, OH

United States

Queen of the Night, The Magic Flute

Cleveland Orchestra

May 16th

May 18th

May 24th

May 26th

June 6 - June 19 2024



Queen of the Night, The Magic Flute

Opera House Valencia

June 6th

June 8th

June 12th

June 14th

June 17th

June 19th

August 13 - August 30 2024



Les Contes d'Hoffmann - Stella / Olympia / Antonia / Giulietta

Salzburg Festival

August 13th

August 16th

August 21st

August 24th

August 27th

August 30th